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why choose artfair为什么选择艺华专注印刷23年, 一条龙专业纸品包装
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    品质优越Superior qualityUtilizing the CTP platemaking technique and imported printing machines from Germany, Artfair tailors each print job according to the specific need of each customer. Our professional technicians strive for the highest level of quality; each batch of product is required to undergo strict quality control to ensure the accuracy of the color. Our consistency in quality has lead us to receive years of continuous support from international customers over the globe.
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    交货期短Short delivery timeOur extensive experience has allowed us to arrange production in the most time efficient manner. From receiving the order to production arrangement; from material procurement to film making, every step of the way is handled meticulously. With our rigorous quality control system, we ensure the sampling and production process are completed in the shortest duration.
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    价格优惠Favorable pricesArtfair is equipped with advanced equipment and technology such as fully automatic die machine, automatic gluing machine and semi-automatic assembly line, with high level of automation we are able to lower wage costs to a minimum. Additionally, 23 years of experience in procurement has allowed us to work with the best suppliers, which also contributes to us being able to offer the most favorable prices.
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    服务贴心Caring serviceIn order to provide the highest quality of customer service, each customer is specifically assigned with a staff to enable the most immediate communication. Every feedback is taken into account, which contributes to our continuous improvement in product quality.
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    专业设计professional designOur experienced design team is dedicated to providing innovative and unique designs with the goal to raise customer purchase desire, thus increasing the marketing strength of the product.
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    客户省心saves your effortWe provide a one-stop service for a wide range of products; including package design, CTP plate making, printing, surface processing, and delivery. Our quality control system is formed by Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), and Quality Assurance (QA).
Artfair utilizes advanced printing equipment and technology such as CTP, six colour printing machine, and ERP system to manage the production flow. Our professional technicians strive for the highest level of quality; each batch of product is required to undergo strict quality control to ensure the quality of our product. MORE>>

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Qualification honor资质荣誉
  • Artfair Printing Press Limited

    Artfair Printing Press Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1992. Artfair, concentrating on printing business and owning factory buildings in Mainland China, is a modern enterprise with a chain of product design, production and sales.

    Relying on well-qualified products, good reputation and advanced technology, Artfair provides one-stop printing service for customers. Our product range includes graphic design, manuals, color cards, tags, gift boxes, color boxes, paper bags and other paper products etc. Being wide in scope, our products illustrate our expertise.

    Our ultimate objective is to offer customers the most at the best price and highest quality.

  • Artfair Printing Limited


    艺华凭籍优良的质量、良好的市场信誉、精湛的技术力量,为客户提供一站式印刷服务。产品生产范围广泛,同平面设计,如广告宣传单、说明书、彩卡、标签,以至立体礼品盒、彩盒、纸袋及大小 精美纸品印刷,皆为公司专精之核心业务。


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